How did Epic just like all artists and leakers? The new Fortnite update in practice

How did Epic just like all artists and leakers The new Fortnite update in practice
The latest Fortnite update, marked 14.40, made Epic Games’ art creation incredibly difficult.

The latest update, marked as 14.40, changed the way of saving files. This means that all leakage programs, but also for model extraction, have become useless.

The FM model that was used by most of the artists creating fan art so far simply does not work and it is not known when and if it will regain all its functionalities at all.

Epic annoyed all the artists

On Twitter, a special hashtag #savefnleaks was created, with which entries regarding the whole situation are signed.

It’s hard to say if Epic actually intended to get rid of graphics and leaks, but so far it looks like this. Especially since the developers have not commented on the community’s requests in any way.

Because of these changes, so far there are no leaks that would normally appear a few minutes after the update. Today it is not known whether leakers will adapt their tools, or perhaps again most of the information will remain in the files without being discovered.

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