Why will healing supports suffer in the pre-season of LoL? Riot reveals its approach

Why will healing supports suffer in the pre-season of LoL Riot reveals its approach
League of Legends healers will be hit hard with preseason. Why?

Grievous Wounds are a mechanic that allows you to weaken healing and are crucial in the fight against a champion restoring health. In League of Legends, many supports are based on healing, and Soraka is their best representative. The heroine not only heals others with her skill, but also restores her health by dealing damage to opposing characters with Q.

What is Riot planning?

One of the players shared his thoughts on the Grievous Wounds, whose increased popularity will definitely affect the win ratio of the heroes. In Rioter’s answer, you can find a description of how they plan to react to the situation.

Soraka has made its way into the champion pool, and we’ll only react to them when we know exactly how they’ll handle preseason. This may mean that we will adjust the availability of Grievous Wounds if other healing characters are affected as well. We can strengthen her skills a bit in any way so that she finds herself on Summoner’s Rift. Another possibility is that the changes will not affect the heroine that significantly (I think it is unlikely, but Deep Wounds are not the only factor influencing how Soraka is doing), which we have to see for ourselves. .

Yuumi_OriginalSkin lol

Despite the long period of testing on the PBE, the developers are not able to check everything with a relatively small number of players. As such, preseason is sure to be a tough time for the community that Riot is prepared for.

The balancing team will be tasked with locating the problematic heroes and items as quickly as possible, and then issuing the appropriate corrections. How everything will look in practice, players will soon find out.

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