The Xbox Series X refrigerator has been unboxed

The Xbox Series X refrigerator has been unboxed
A funny video has appeared on the web about the unboxing of a huge refrigerator stylized for the Xbox Series X console, which was constructed by Microsoft.

When the appearance of the Xbox Series X was revealed, many people mocked that the console looked like a refrigerator. This joke was creatively developed by Microsoft itself, which has produced several authentic XSX styled refrigerators. Yesterday we wrote that rapper Snoop Dog received one of them. The second one went to the iJustine channel, which prepared a fun unboxing material.

In the video, we can see the delivery and unpacking of the refrigerator. The material is not only funny, but the device itself impresses with its workmanship. It faithfully recreates the appearance of the console and is fully functional as household appliances.

Recall that the real Xbox Series X will debut on November 10

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