Riot says whether the developers are happy with how the LoL Eternals have done

Riot says whether the developers are happy with how the LoL Eternals have done
One of the Rioters shared his opinion about Eternals.

Patrons entered League of Legends in Update 10.5 on March 18, 2020. This is an exclusive hero achievement system in LoL that shows individual stats. Each unique Patron has a counterpart depending on the hero’s class. After more than half a year, the developers are able to determine how the system has been received by players, and one employee answered this question.

Are the developers satisfied with the Patron system?

In the statement you can read that while Eternals did not meet the expectations of all players, overall adding them was a good step forward for League of Legends.

Eternals achieved their goal with a specific group of players. Most are not interested in them, but it’s enough for us to have a group that is comfortable with them and clearly interested in more of them.

I think the problem is that some players are not interested in them, and at the same time want something similar (they lack development paths). However, this is more of a problem with what we offer as a progression than with the Eternals themselves.


At this point, one of the commentators mentioned the Hero Mastery System. There hasn’t been any change to it in a really long time, and players have been suggesting that it would be something perfect for the group mentioned by Rioter. What was his answer?

I agree. I can’t promise anything, but at some point I would like Champ Mastery to develop as a system.

From both statements, it can be concluded that the Eternals will be constantly improved as Riot sees a specific group of players that is interested in them. In addition, there should be another system in the game that will satisfy those who expect something in between. It will either be an extension of the current mastery of the heroes or something completely new.

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