How many people work on CS GO? The last officially given number was not optimistic

How many people work on CS GO The last officially given number was not optimistic
Anyone can easily verify the number of CS: GO players, and what about employees?

CS: GO is a very big title that doesn’t get much news at the moment. The last years of CS development are referred to as stagnation and it is hardly surprising. This raises a question – how many people really work for Global Offensive to develop?

Getting to this information is not easy. Valve’s official response dates back to 2017, and there has been silence since then.

How many people are working on CS: GO?

Currently, Valve is reluctant to answer players’ questions, but it wasn’t always that way. Gabe Newell himself organized an AMA in 2017, in which he answered some very interesting questions.

One of them was how many people are working on developing CS: GO. Then the answer was very clear:


And no, it is not a slip of the tongue, a mistake or a misunderstanding of the question. At that time, 20-30 people were working on Global Offensive. Recall that this was a time when Alyx’s Half Life was already under development, so it can be concluded that this is a slimmed down band size. Unfortunately not, Gabe added in the next sentence:

“As always.”

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This was the last credible answer to the question about the number of Valve employees dedicated to CS: GO development. “As always” suggests that the size of the band hasn’t changed from the start and very possibly it still is.

Last year there were rumors that there were actually about 7 people working on FPS, all because so many verified accounts are on Reddit. It is difficult to say how many employees actually have the CS: GO division, but it is very possible that it is below 20.

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