Epic finally explains in simple terms what Fortnite’s storyline is all about

Epic finally explains in simple terms what Fortnite's storyline is all about
Epic knows full well that Fortnite’s storyline is incredibly intricate, has many inaccuracies, and is all in all a big guesswork.

Donald Mustard, one of the most important people in Epic Games, in the latest podcast explained to players what the story is all about and how Epic sees it. Arranging everything yourself is quite a challenge, especially when someone stopped following it completely in the first chapter.

How did it look like?

Some interesting information has been revealed, such as the fact that the Musty Depot was not the original target of the meteorite. This one was about to crash into the Tilted Towers. However, as the seat was popular, Stęchły was chosen.

What’s next? First of all, the zero point was responsible for creating a new map. Using all matter, he transformed it into something new. The zero point is supposed to be the energy that attracted Galactus. This is why this thread appeared at all.

In short, the zero point was introduced to change the entire map. Galactus became interested in the energy that zero-point energy could generate, and the task of the superheroes is to defend equality in the universe by preventing Galactus from reaching the zero point.

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