What do the limited Nike League of Legends shoes look like? Air Force 1 in LoL climates

What do the limited Nike League of Legends shoes look like Air Force 1 in LoL climates
League of Legends is slowly breaking into reality. Not only because of wardów in Shanghai, but also custom Nike shoes.

Riot has collaborated several times with various brands that created special limited editions of shoes. However, these were never obvious references to LoL, and if someone had such shoes on their feet, it was difficult to link them to Riot’s MOBA at all.

In this case, it is different, because they all have the Wild Rift logo and were created just for the release of the mobile version from beta testing.

Lol Nike shoes

How do the changed Air Force 1 look like?

It is worth saying that shoes cannot be bought. They are very limited, prepared only for Riot partners. Once again “ordinary” mortals must get away with taste.

It is worth mentioning that each shoe has the nickname of the person for whom it is intended. This is a similar action to the one that took place during the TFT launch. At that time, the changed Nike was also prepared.

Lol nike aire force 1 name

Seeing the response from the LoLa community, you can expect that someday there will be an official line of League of Legends X Nike shoes, which will eventually appear in stores normally – something that a lot of people ask for on every shoe action.

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