Riot decided that the penalties for AFK are too high. How will the 12-hour bans change?

Riot decided that the penalties for AFK are too high. How will the 12-hour bans change
Riot admits in official announcements that it uses Wild Rift, the mobile version of League of Legends, a bit like its testing ground.

Riot announced an increase in AFK penalties in League of Legends, an improvement in the detection system, and LP returns. As a reminder, the return of points is to be launched around patch 10.24, i.e. in November.

The developers are checking everything so far and it turns out that the long queue after leaving the computer (in this case the phone) turned out to be too painful. Therefore, you should not expect penalties to be increased in such a way on the PC.

How were penalties reduced and what was attempted?

Riot wanted to try out temporary bans by changing the low priority queue to a total ban on the game. The community was very excited because it could mean that the same bans would appear in a normal LoL.

Unfortunately, after the first tests, the developers found the penalties too painful. Let us remind you that you could get a ban for 12 hours only for being AFK. The players were delighted, or at least most of them. The penalties were as follows:

  • First penalty for inactivity (3-6 minutes): 30 minutes of blockade
  • First penalty for inactivity (6+ minutes): 60 minutes of blockade
  • Subsequent penalties for inactivity within 7 days: 12 hours of blockade

So for 3 minutes of inactivity, you would get a 30-minute ban. It’s already an hour in 6 minutes. Subsequent cases of standing still meant a blockade for 12 hours. Ultimately, this experiment failed, despite the fact that many people supported this way of dealing with AFKs.

Riot decided that the penalties for AFK are too high. How will the 12-hour bans change

What was the reason for reducing the fines? It was mainly about unexpected internet disconnections.

“We take inactivity very seriously because we know that a teammate’s departure from the match can negatively affect the gameplay. At the same time, we are aware that unexpected situations can happen – one person will experience a sudden interruption in the Internet supply, and another the dog will eat the router’s cable. To take account of these unexpected situations, we decided to reduce the penalties for inactivity”.

Today the penalties are different:

  • First penalty for inactivity (3-6 min): 10 min
  • First penalty for inactivity (6+ mins): 20 min
  • Subsequent penalties for inactivity within 7 days: 6 hours.

From 30 minutes to 10 minutes, from 60 minutes to 20 minutes, and from 12 hours to 6 hours. Quite a strong shift, showing how much Riot is afraid of taking drastic measures.

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