Microsoft may release xCloud streaming TV box

Microsoft may release xCloud streaming TV box

The head of the Xbox division Phil Spencer said in an interview with Stratechery that Microsoft plans in the future to release a special set-top box for xCloud cloud streaming. He hinted that special bundles with a console and an Xbox Game Pass subscription may appear on sale.

I think you will see inexpensive streaming boxes or something like that within our ecosystem. Something you can insert into your TV and play through xCloud. We can easily include this device in the Xbox Game Pass subscription – you just have to buy a controller.

In addition, Spencer hinted at the emergence of an Xbox Game Pass Platinum subscription, which will give guaranteed access to the new Xbox hardware, whatever it is. The company now has the Xbox All Access program, which provides consoles and Game Pass for a monthly fee.

The Xbox boss did not ignore the appearance of xCloud on Apple devices. He confirmed that Microsoft is preparing a web version of the streaming service , but the lack of a familiar app in the App Store does cause certain difficulties.

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