Michael Packter: Nintendo needs to get rid of Switch in favor of Switch Lite

Michael Packter Nintendo needs to get rid of Switch in favor of Switch Lite

In an interview with GamingBolt, renowned analyst and forecaster Michael Packter said that he does not quite understand what the meaning of the Nintendo Switch console is as a hybrid. Pakter is confident that the Japanese company should leave only Switch Lite and focus on it.

According to the analyst, most console owners play in handheld mode.

I don’t quite understand this hybrid concept. I think Satoru Iwata wanted to position the console as being able to play on TV and in handheld mode, but I don’t think the owners of the console really play that way – I think only 20% of users. Most play in handheld mode, so I don’t understand why there are two consoles? What’s the point?

Nintendo itself is not that smart – you never know what the company will present in the future. So I think it would be a smart decision to get rid of the Switch and keep only Switch Lite. It’s cheaper to produce, so they could improve the overall quality of the console and screen.

How Nintendo will act – only time will tell. Rumors are now floating around that the Japanese company is preparing Switch Pro – an improved version designed for 4K resolution.

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