How to play Among Us in virtual reality? A fully functional VR version was created

How to play Among Us in virtual reality A fully functional VR version was created
It was expected that players would figure out how to bring Among Us into the VR world.

Among Us has become a huge success, and players are already figuring out how to diversify their gameplay. Most use ready-made mods, and some go a step further and create their own versions of Among.

One of them is Jar, behind the project to bring the world of Among Us to VRCHAT. Interestingly, it really makes sense.

Among Us in VR

Of course, all missions are accomplished with your own gestures. Throwing garbage, pouring liquids, etc. Similarly with impostors, when you eliminate someone you actually have to follow them, looking around for other players.

You can use your hands to connect cables, switch levers, or flip cards. As an impostor, you are able to eliminate others, move through vents, or sabotage missions just like in a normal Among.

Of course, the whole thing is for free, it supports all popular headsets, such as Vale Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, etc. You can also play without VR.

The game version is unofficial and may have bugs of all kinds. It is not known whether the original creators will have any reservations about this project and whether Among will ever come to VR with official support. You can download everything directly on the VRCHAT website.

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