What does the Among Us Emergency Update change? This is how the creators fight cheaters

What does the Among Us Emergency Update change This is how the creators fight cheaters
Hackers are becoming an increasingly significant problem Among Us. Developers will fight it.

Among Us has become one of the most popular games recently and it is not surprising that there are users who want to spoil the gameplay for other players.

The extreme transition from a silent indie game to a global blockbuster naturally comes with enormous challenges. The development team makes every effort to deal with the biggest problems, including cheaters.

InnerSloth is taking action against cheaters

As the number of reports increased, InnerSloth was forced to take action to prevent the problem from worsening. On Twitter, it was announced: “We are very aware of the current hacking problem and we are looking at it.” The developers also announced that they have taken appropriate anti-cheat measures with an emergency update:


One of the developers also commented on the matter on Twitter, revealing the reason for this update:

It is difficult to say to what extent the introduced changes will prove effective. However, you have to believe that developers know what they are doing.

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