Video: Unboxing a DualSense Gamepad

Video Unboxing a DualSense Gamepad

US video blogger Austin Evans is among the lucky ones to receive an early package from Sony . True, this is not a PS5, but a DualSense gamepad. But Austin decided to squeeze the most out of his video, showing more than just unboxing.

Unlike the DualShock 4, the new box is blind, that is, without a blister outside – just cardboard. There is nothing inside besides a gamepad and documentation, so you can forget about the bonus USB-C cable. The D-pad is a single piece of membrane, which is not to everyone’s liking.

Austin did some experiments with gamepads, here are the results:

  • DualSense can be charged from Xbox Series X
  • DualSense works great with PS4, but only via cable
  • DualSense works with PC via cable
  • DualSense works great with Android smartphone

At the end of the video, Austin took apart DualSense. And I collected it, it seems, without any problems.

Many media representatives and video bloggers received such packages from Sony. Soon we will have tons of previews, details and video content.

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