Valve is re-adding Source 2 code to CSGO, but no one is getting any hope anymore

Valve is re-adding Source 2 code to CSGO, but no one is getting any hope anymore
The likely port of CS: GO to the Source 2 engine has been one of the hottest topics of 2020 in the Counter Strike community.

The vast majority of CS: GO players would like to see a breath of fresh air in the form of either a new operation or the new heart of the game. Valve has been making weird moves for a long time, updating individual, completely unrelated CS elements.

However, this raises more questions than it answers. For example, the latest update introduces a new code to the game referring to Source 2. What for and why?

Almost no one believes anymore

From what the people searching the game files say, the developers are definitely working on something big. However, it is not known what and when it can be seen. The fact is, Valve is adding new code coming from Source 2 for some reason.

Now the question is, does it mean anything, is there anything to get excited about and what to expect. Unfortunately, there is no single and easy answer to this question. For several months there have been discussions about Source 2, from which nothing came of a complete result.

If the developers are up to something, they will probably be targeting a specific date, either Halloween or the holiday season.

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