How does Rockstar censor the name of GTA 6? Players started using the name “GTA 10-4” pairs to work around the restrictions

How does Rockstar censor the name of GTA 6 Players started using the name GTA 10-4 pairs to work around the restrictions
As always, if you want to censor something, it comes back twice as hard.

GTA 6 is a very hot topic, especially in recent days, since a potential map for the next Grand Theft Auto game leaked out on the web. So far, these are just rumors and guesswork, but Rockstar’s reaction is already a fact.

Gamers realized that the studio censored “GTA6” in their comments section on Youtube. After writing anything about the next section and typing a given keyword, the comment is automatically hidden. Effect? “GTA 10-4” was born.

GTA 10-4 instead of GTA 6

All this was noticed by one of the Reddit users who wanted to write something about GTA 6. “TypicalPoetry22” realized that his comment was hidden and is only visible to him.

Why is Rockstar doing this? It’s hard to say, probably so as not to fuel emotions about the next part. Players can cope and are already bypassing limitations.


GTA 10-4 seems to work, as does the writing of “GTA VI”, which for some reason was not included in the banned comments.


The situation is quite strange, but the community points out that it would be enough to give fans a very simple and clear answer to the question about GTA 6. If the developers wrote that they are working on the next installment, the players would simply wait without unnecessary searching and gossiping. At least according to Twitter users.

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