Far Cry 4 game designer said developers should receive a percentage of streamer income

Far Cry 4 game designer said developers should receive a percentage of streamer income

Three days ago, Twitch sent out a warning message to many streamers regarding listening to music while streaming. After that, users criticized the actions of the streaming platform.

However, the game designer of Assassin’s Creed 3 and Far Cry 4 Alex Hutchinson sided with the administration of the service.

According to him, such situations are a natural consequence of how streamers work. Hutchinson believes that players should be concerned that they are streaming games that they haven’t paid for. In addition, streamers create their content based on other people’s creativity.

Streamers worried about their content being removed because they used music they didn’t pay for should be more concerned about the fact that they are streaming games they didn’t pay for either. This will happen as soon as publishers decide to introduce a new rule.

In fact, streamers have to pay the developers and publishers of the games they stream. They have to buy a license, like in any real business, and pay for the content they use.

In the comments, users noted that such broadcasts help to raise the popularity of a particular game, therefore, sales are growing. The game designer disagreed with this statement. According to him, streamers work primarily for themselves, and the promotion of the game happens by itself.

In most cases, broadcasting a game only helps the streamer. People play their “show” based on content they didn’t pay for. If their shows require games to exist, then a percentage of their proceeds should go to the creators of the games they use.

If streamers think they don’t have to pay for games, then let them stream without games – let’s see how things go. They are not promoting the game. They run their own business. Yes, sometimes he even promotes games, but that’s not their business.

However, here, too, most users disagreed with Hutchinson, pointing out that it was streamers who could return the game to incredible popularity. An example of this is Among Us, which was released in 2018, but the peak of interest fell on the current year.

Even Schreier was outraged, who once again gave the example of developers who are not paid royalties.

It looks like a good idea, but in reality everything is much more complicated. Speaking hearsay, some don’t make a dollar from streaming, they do it for fun. And where is the border? What about free games? And what about games that became popular THANKS to streaming?

AOC’s Right Chancleta

Would you rather turn your anger towards Twitch, which makes billions and is owned by a trillion dollar company? Instead of punishing small streamers.

Adrian smith

I don’t know, maybe you are being scolded for being outraged by such things in a world where corporate top managers receive $ 30 million a year, and developers are not even paid royalties. And they would never see that streaming money anyway.

Jason schreier

It’s kind of weird to hear this from the creative director of Google Stadia. Take Minecraft, GTA 5, Roblox, Among Us: all of these games are so popular because the developers support streamers, and not vice versa.


Currently, Hutchinson is the founder of Typhoon Studios, which is owned by Google. The game designer and his team are working on games for Stadia, which users have also noted in the comments.

Gamers pointed out that Hutchinson works for a huge company that makes money from data he didn’t pay for. Some “understood” why Stadia was in this position. 

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