CoD: Warzone – players discover creepy killer house

CoD Warzone - players discover creepy killer house
CoD: Warzone – Players have found the house of a famous serial killer in “Battle Royale” mode.

The pulse goes up – more and more players are discovering a killer house in Call of Duty: Warzone that has it all . Just in time for the Halloween event , Leatherface (known from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre ) has moved into farmland and is waiting for (uninvited) visitors.

CoD: Warzone – Players visit Leatherface at home

If you stop by Farmland for a spin on CoD: Warzone, be sure to visit Leatherface’s house. He has been haunted in one of the houses there since October 20, welcoming his visitors with entrails and chainsaws. The YouTuber The Legendary Borac had to experience this first hand:

In the kitchen and dining room of the house a buffet of blood and intestines awaits you, which has apparently been prepared and distributed throughout the house. Anyone who dares to enter the house will soon hear the screeching of a chainsaw in the attic of the house.

If you dare to go upstairs, there is Leatherface’s shadow figure. As Legendary Borac found out, there is not just one, but two appearances of the killer. One is blocking the stairs, one is on the other side of the room and looks threateningly at you.

Normally you can shoot any problem in Call of Duty – unfortunately that doesn’t work here. Luckily Leatherface is in a good mood – it won’t hurt you. Apart from the cold shower that runs down everyone’s spine.

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