A user sabotages Among Us affecting 5 million players and reality is stranger than fiction again

A user sabotages Among Us affecting 5 million players and reality is stranger than fiction again
A hacker has broken into the game’s code to spam his YouTube channel and pro-Trump messages.

After so much success it hardly needs an introduction, but surely you know what Among Us is . Players must find one or two impostors of a crew who have to sabotage a facility . Precisely, that argument has been transferred to real life and hackers have begun to make their own in the successful title of InnerSloth .

The attack has affected almost 5 million players

In the past few hours, hundreds of gamers started finding sudden messages in in-game chat, prompting them to subscribe to a YouTube channel called Eris Loris . In some of the messages, users were even told that their device had been hacked and even with certain threats if they did not subscribe. The messages also featured messages of support for Donald Trump . A fact that alerted the community, how could it be otherwise.

The channel, by the way, has just over 6,000 subscribers and offers specific game tricks. In the last hours, his videos have been filled with comments from angry users asking to stop receiving spam on Among Us and to be able to play quietly.


From InnerSloth, those responsible for the game, have commented in the last hours that they are aware of everything that has happened and have announced an emergency update, almost like in the game , to face the hacker attack. They have also asked that, until it is fixed, they play in private lobbies or with people they trust to ensure that the games run smoothly.

Those responsible for Among Us recommend playing only with known people until it is solved

The downside is that the initial perpetrator of the attacks, who they have easily located because his data was linked to his Twitter or Discord networks , has been joined by other users to “add more firepower to spam.” Eris himself states that there are 50 volunteers with him, and that they have managed to access 1.5 million games, affecting 4.9 million players.

He also affirms that the messages of support for Trump are because “he is a university student who supports Trump in the elections” and hopes that this will help him win.

Until those responsible for Among Us send the impostor into space , we tell you that the game has made headlines this week for also breaking records on adult content websites .

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