The Medium horror devs explain the dual reality system

The Medium horror devs explain the dual reality system

The Bloober Team horror game The Medium will use a mechanic with two parallel realities. In them, the main character will move at the same time. However, the developers decided to release a short video in which they explained how the system with two worlds would work.

Approximately two thirds of the entire passage of the game, the player will observe the action only within one world (real or otherworldly), but there will be times when the two worlds are displayed on the screen together. Realities will be rendered at the same time, which the developers put special emphasis on, since this will not be possible to implement on the current generation of consoles. The main character and her avatar will be controlled simultaneously with the left stick of the controller.

In addition, some of the actions and abilities of the main character work only in one of the worlds, but at the same time they can have a serious impact on the other. This will help you progress through the story and solve puzzles.

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