The market in FIFA 21 is very volatile. To fix this, players will receive free coins?

The market in FIFA 21 is very volatile. To fix this, players will receive free coins
Overnight, the value of our team can drop or increase significantly. The market in FIFA 21 needs a radical solution.

FIFA 21 premiered on October 6, and since then a lot of cards have lost their value to a great extent. The reason for this is, of course, the market volatility caused by players constantly buying and selling their cards. Popular content creator RunTheFUTMarket, who built his trust on effective tips for FIFY 21 players, offered developers a crazy solution.

A stimulus package similar to the US government is to save the FIFA 21 economy?

In April, the US government passed a law whereby many US citizens donated $ 1,200 to rebuild the economy. RunTheFUTMarket has proposed that Electronic Arts give away free coins to every active user as part of the stimulus package. This is about 85,000 coins per week.

If we can get a stimulus package quickly, it should be enough to overstate and hold the market, as at the moment the market has no chance of surviving.

It is quite unlikely that this idea will come true, as it will simply not be profitable for developers. Certainly the idea will be supported by the community, but it is more likely that EA will introduce new price ranges for the minimum offers. This is the only way developers would not lose out and could help the FIFA 21 economy.

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