The best 4 star characters in genshin impact

The best 4 star characters in genshin impact
In Genshin Impact , the strength of the different characters plays a big role. However, the characters with the highest stars are only available through a gacha system. We at MeinMMO tell you in this article which are the best 4-star characters.

Why 4-star characters? In Genshin Impact you can only earn 4 and 5 star characters through a gacha system, the so-called prayers . At the same time, these characters make up the best in the game, as both Tier List for all characters and our MeinMMO community ranking show.

  • The chance of drawing a character with 4 stars in one prayer is 5.1% – on average, every 20 prayers.
  • The chance of a character with 5 stars is only 0.6% – on average, all 167 prayers.

This means that you will get a 4-star character much more often and at the same time plays into the hands of the reroll tactic. With the rerolls you create new accounts until you start with a good character . That will mostly be a 4-star character.

So this ranking shows you the 5 best 4-star characters. To do this, we used our own animal list , but also lists from Forbes, Game8 and a video by YouTuber Tectone.

5th place – Chongyun – A tier

Who is Chongyun? Chongyun comes from Liyue and was born there into a renowned family of exorcists. He himself is one and makes it his business to hunt down evil spirits and demons.

Chongyun uses a claymore as a weapon and cryo as an element.

5th place - Chongyun - A tier

Why is it in 5th place? As a cryogenic character, Chongyun can freeze water and thus overcome natural barriers. Its ability also creates an AoE delayed cryo-explosion that you can use to create combos. In addition, cool winds are then generated, which turn all melee attacks into cryo attacks, which is especially strong in a pure melee team.

4th place – Barbara – A-Tier

Who is barbara Barbara is a deacon of the Favonius Church and a respected and popular character in Mondstadt. This is due to her nice manner as well as her special knowledge of the healing arts.

Barbara uses a catalyst as a weapon and in the element she relies on hydro.

4th place - Barbara - A-Tier

Why is it in 4th place? Barbara has a powerful ability that allows her to heal all characters in the group. This AoE effect can turn a fight completely, especially if you’re fighting heavy bosses in the Twisting Abyss.

Barbara’s healing scales with her maximum HP. So reinforce it in the area to get better healing.

3rd place – Xiangling – A-Tier

Who is Xiangling? Xiangling is the head chef at Wanmin Restaurant and a waitress at the same time. She cooks with great passion and is characterized by her typical hot and savory dishes.

Xiangling is played with an element build to take full advantage of her pyro powers. In turn, she uses a pole arm as a weapon.

3rd place - Xiangling - A-Tier

Why does it belong in third place? Xiangling’s ultimate ability is a fire tornado that persists even when you change characters. This allows for a lot of combos with other characters.

In addition, Xiangling offers a good DPS, even without relying on the combos. That makes them a worthy 3rd place.

2nd place – Razor – A / S-Tier

Who is Razor? Razor is a young man with claymore and the element electro. Raised an orphan by wolves, he has animal instincts.

2nd place - Razor - A S-Tier

Why does it belong in second place? Razor is by far the best 4-star DPS in the game. In general, a maximum of 1 or 2 characters with 5 stars can hold a candle to it. He is particularly strong with his Ultimate, which he uses to summon a spectral wolf that together causes damage.

In addition, the skill can be recharged so quickly that it can be used multiple times in a fight against difficult bosses.

1st place – Fischl – S-Tier

Who is Fischl? Fischl is a mysterious girl and she travels the world with her raven named Oz. She uses the bow as a weapon and has strong electric attacks. That is why it makes sense to play Fischl in such a way that you increase its elemental damage.

1st place - Fischl - S-Tier

Why does it belong in first place? Fischl is a versatile character who can deal a lot of damage while also allowing combos with other characters and elements .

Your normal skill summons the raven Oz, who stays in the field even if you exchange fish. In her ultimate skill, Fischl also deals a lot of electrical damage to multiple targets.

Overall, Fischl is therefore a strong character and rightly belongs to the S tier.

Another strong and popular character is Venti. However, that was first removed from the wishes . That led to grief among the players.

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