Rune 2 Litigation Reaches Bethesda and Zenimax

Rune 2 Litigation Reaches Bethesda and Zenimax

Gaming companies Bethesda and Zenimax were part of a lawsuit that publisher Ragnarok Game began after Human Head dropped support for Rune II and turned into Roundhouse Studios under the Bethesda wing.

Previously, the lawsuit concerned only studio employees, but now the charge has been expanded. According to Ragnarok Game, Bethesda was involved in the conspiracy and “maliciously torpedoed” the release of Rune II. In addition, the publisher believes that a large company saw in the upcoming novelty a danger to the success of Skyrim. 

Ragnarok is confident that the closure of Human Head 5 days before the release of Rune II and the subsequent transfer of all developers to the newly formed Roundhouse Studios – a premeditated move by Bethesda and Zenimax. As an argument, the company cites the fact that employees stayed to work in the same office, using the same equipment and with the same salaries. In addition, according to the publisher, Zenimax insisted that Human Head stop working on the title a few days before its release.

However, the text of the statement and the imminent release of the game on Steam may speak of Ragnarok Game’s attempts to once again promote Rune II. On November 13, after a year on the Epic Games Store, the title will be released on the Valve Store. And here’s the golden quote:

Sabotaged by the developers, Rune II was left in chaos. Raised from the ashes of Studio 369, the game is now available on Steam as a reimagined tale of betrayal, rebirth, and revenge. Cutting off that old human head set Rune II free and now it’s a great Viking adventure.

The head turned out great. The phrase “old human head” is a play on words with the name of the studio that dropped the development of  Rune II .

Now the claim is in the amount of $ 100 million, but may be increased.

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