Riot agrees with Valorant’s players. New characters and maps will be delayed to appear in ranked rankings

Riot agrees with Valorant's players. New characters and maps will be delayed to appear in ranked rankings
Riot has decided to change its approach to maps and characters.

Riot has clearly focused on community requests and suggestions now. The studio sees something is wrong and tries to react. The first changes concern ranked games and the presence of new characters and maps.

It has been said many times that developers should refrain from releasing Agents and new locations in ranked games, and this is also the case.

Agents and maps will not be rankedach for several weeks

There is a message on Valorant’s official profile stating that new ranked characters will be enabled two weeks after their release. Due to the greater number of errors, the maps are to wait an additional two weeks, i.e. a month in total.

This is a change that many people will surely enjoy. However, it is not a “game-changer”, for which many people are very much waiting. Riot seems to have to take a few steps back, think about the next moves, and then move on with full power.

The new agent and the new map did not affect the popularity of Valorant in any way. It is still viewed rather average, at least on Twitch. The creators do not provide data on the number of players, so here you can not estimate what it looks like on the servers.

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