PlayStation 5 position will not affect cooling levels

PlayStation 5 position will not affect cooling levels

The dimensions of the PlayStation 5 turned out to be much larger than they seemed in various promotional materials. However, Sony CTO Yasuhiro Ootori reassured users in an interview with 4Gamer , saying that the console will cool perfectly in any position.

You can put it either vertically or horizontally.

From an engineering point of view, there is no difference in cooling level between vertical and horizontal positions. Many people think that the stand-up version dissipates heat better due to the chimney effect. However, in a system with an active fan, this effect is hardly felt.

Cooling works in accordance with the stated specifications in both vertical and horizontal position. But personally, I prefer the PS sign on top.

PS5 sales are scheduled to begin on November 12 in the US and select other countries, and on November 19, the console will hit shelves in Europe.

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