Necroids are coming to Stellaris on October 29

Necroids are coming to Stellaris on October 29

Publisher Paradox Interactive has revealed a new trailer for  Stellaris: Necroids Species Pack , as well as an October 29 release date.

In the new set, the developers will introduce the Necroids, a sentient species that reveres death and blurs the line between cult and empire. They tend to inhabit areas where other civilizations are dying.

  • 15 new portraits for organics and one for cars
  • new set of ships
  • new set of cities
  • new leader room background
  • origin “Necrophage”
  • 3 new civilian models: “Cult of death” “sacrifice the population for the sake of edicts),” Reanimated warriors “(fight with troops of the undead) and” Memorialists “(erect monuments and increase planetary stability).
  • new pre-created empire
  • new voice of the advisor

With fewer add-ons coming out on PS4 and Xbox One than on Steam, console players shouldn’t expect the Necroids Species Pack to come out anytime soon.

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