Layers of Fear 2 is now free on the Epic Games Store: more horror for Halloween next week

Layers of Fear 2 is now free on the Epic Games Store more horror for Halloween next week
Custome Quest 2 is the other game that can be downloaded this week from Epic’s digital platform.

It’s already Thursday, which means the new free games of the week are now available on the Epic Games Store . As we already announced, and taking into account that Halloween is just around the corner, horror games are completely in the limelight.

Of the titles that we can download at the Epic Games Store at no cost, Layers of Fear 2 , the second installment of the horror saga by the Polish studio Bloober Team, stands out . The game puts us in the shoes of a Hollywood actor who must star in a movie on a liner, but as often happens in these cases, something goes wrong and we have to investigate, from a first-person perspective, through a place full of mystery and darkness, in a proposal suitable for the bravest people.

The month of October is being that of horror games in Epic Games Store

The other free game on the Epic Games Store is Custome Quest 2 , which although it has terror as a backdrop, it has a more relaxed and pleasant aspect. Set on Halloween, it is an adventure with platform touches and a good dose of action, with the most diverse characters.

The Epic Games Store has also announced the games that we will be able to get next week. And being the week of Halloween, the trend about scary games that has been followed throughout the month of October could not be missed. This time with two movie-inspired games. On the one hand Blair Witch , which will offer a narrative of psychological terror that studies the player’s reactions. And Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered , the remastering of the game based on the mythical film.

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