Jack Wall’s Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Main Music Theme

Jack Wall's Call Of Duty Black Ops Cold War Main Music Theme

Treyarch has published the main theme song for Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War . Its composer is Jack Wall, who has collaborated with the studio since Black Ops 2, he wrote music for Mass Effect 1-2, Jade Empire and many other games.

The influence of the era is clearly audible in the musical theme: the Soviet choir and orchestra with synthesizers. The author himself wanted to convey the gloomy mood of the Cold War.

I wanted to create something for the main menu that immediately spoke very clearly of the Cold War: Reagan, Brezhnev, Soviet choir. I wrote a distinctly sounding Soviet era theme, mixing Soviet choir and orchestra with dark synthesizers. Create music and sounds from the 80s with Moog Modular, Minimoog and CS80 and other soft synthesizers to give it that dark Black Ops mood, from the days of such big political figures of the Cold War as Reagan and Brezhnev.

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