Fortnite update 14.40. Free items, secrets, map changes and more

Fortnite update 14.40. Free items, secrets, map changes and more
The new update has already appeared in Fortnite yesterday. What’s changed?

Halloween has officially come to Fortnite. If you weren’t motivated to install the 27GB of updates, it’s really worth it. There are shadows in the game that make the game difficult, but also bring a breath of fresh air.

In addition, you can now earn free items or fly a completely new vehicle in the form of a broom.

Description of update 14.40

The biggest and most important change, of course, is the shadows. When eliminated, players turn into shadows. Matches are divided into two teams, the survivors and the daughter. Very interesting mechanics that make matches more dynamic and more exciting.

Fortnite Description of update 14.40

Of course, as always, there are as many complainers as praising people. This should come as no surprise to anyone. Shadows have special abilities that allow them to perform a quick attack, jump up, go through walls, or illuminate enemies.

The new vehicle in the game is a broom. You can find it in specific places on the map, i.e. next to small huts.

It is unknown if the broom will stay in Fortnite after Halloween is over, but probably not. It’s just one of the additions that Epic Games has prepared especially for players who decide to play Battle Royale at the end of October.

The map itself has changed, it is much darker and more ominous. Playing at this point requires extra focus. As always, new secret challenges are available.

While walking around the map you will surely come across new consumables. They are candies or “stringy” ones. Such a small supplement that allows you to replenish your health.


It is also worth mentioning that the ways to “bot lobby” no longer work. It is impossible to enter matches with only bots. It is unknown if this has been generally fixed or is just a change for Halloween itself.

Everyone can now unlock the first rewards in the Spell Nightmares challenges. As standard, challenges appear every day.

During Fortnite: Spell Nightmares, complete new challenges to unlock special rewards, including the Shadow of Midas paint, the Fat of O’-Lantern pickaxe, Bobo’s backpack, and more! Dress according to the season or keep your scary clothes on all year round.


A new skin is available in the store and it will receive a free style at the next gig. This will take place on October 31 at 9 p.m.

All Party Fighter owners participating in one of the Royal Underworld Party shows in Fortnite will unlock J Balvin’s unique style as a memento of their joint journey to the afterlife. This special version combines the neon lights and accents of Balvin’s outfit.


Players are also looking for secret codes to unlock the upcoming paint job. This, however, will only be available for some time.

Fortnitemars gun

Is this update worth checking out? It is definitely one of the most interesting that has appeared in the game this year. Certainly, shadows give a lot here, as there are relatively few changes on the map. Only the visibility was limited and small huts were added, changing the central part of the island at the same time.

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