Epic Games Optimizes PC Fortnite Files – 60GB Less In Weight

Fortnite has received a patch that reduces the weight of the game client by 60 GB or more. All thanks to Epic Games optimization

Recently, the question of space occupied by games on HDD or SSD has been very sharp. The weight of titles increases after each update, especially if the support has been going on for several years.

Epic Games decided that Fortnite’s 100GB was already beyond reasonable limits. The company has released a patch for PC that reduces the size of the game by at least 60 GB – now the title is about 30 GB.

According to the developers, future patches will still increase the weight of the game, but much less than before. All thanks to the optimization of game files. In addition, the game should now load even faster.

Also, Fortnite has kicked off the Midas Revenge Halloween Event, which runs until November 3. Now in all modes, after the first death, players turn into shadows and fight for victory against other survivors. At the same time, the characters have supernatural abilities.

In addition to the new event, the game will host a concert by Latin musician and Grammy Award winner Jay Balvin. In honor of this, the dance floor soldier costume appeared in the game store.

The dedicated Fortnite site has sketches for paper masks and figurines. They can be downloaded, printed and assembled for free for personal collection.

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