When will the leaderboards be added to Valorant? Developers have started work

When will the leaderboards be added to Valorant Developers have started work
The developers released the Valorant Leaderboards prior to Episode 2.

Public Leaderboards were one of the most requested features in Valorant. This feature was advertised as one of the possible solutions to the ranking FPS problem.

It gives players the motivation to polish their skills and set a specific goal for themselves. See the list of the best players in North America below:

A similar ranking will be created for each region?

The regional leaderboards have aroused interest among the Valoranta community. Developers were supposed to create this type of rankings before, but they changed plans and abandoned this feature in the game before Act Three.

Valorant’s lead developer Joe Ziegler took the floor:

For those of you who want in-game leaderboards, we are currently working on this feature. We don’t have an ETA yet, but we’re working on it. He will inform you when we are closer to completion.

When will the leaderboards be added to Valorant Developers have started work

So far, it is not known when the leaderboards will become part of the game. It is certain, however, that developers have already started work on them and will appear in the coming weeks.

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