Panic on Twitch. Mass clip deletion and VOD for DMCA violations, will there be bans?

Panic on Twitch. Mass clip deletion and VOD for DMCA violations, will there be bans
This moment, sooner or later, had to come. Despite the creation of special tools, Twitch suffered from the consequences of turning a blind eye to breaking copyright.

Twitch has a huge copyright problem with music that appears on streams. Mass e-mails were sent to streamers during the night, informing them about the removal of VOD and clips containing fragments with illegally used soundtrack.

So far, Twitch has hung up a protective coat and does not ban, but removes fragments that break copyright. Streamers have until October 23 to remove anything that may break the rules, then it will be done automatically with all the consequences.

Twitch streamers panic

The streamers panicked and deleted all their videos. Exceeding the October 23 deadline may mean massive bans.

This also applies to streamers who don’t know what to do yet. To delete or not to delete, in the end many of them transmit the image with the general radio on or with music playing somewhere on the Internet.

What’s worse, no one tells completely which fragments should be removed and how to identify them. This is where the greatest clash appears.

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