IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews – Optional Update

IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews - Optional Update

Yesterday Apple lifted the ban on publishing reviews of the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro. On this occasion, many opinions from different publications were published on the network, including The Verge, WSJ and CNBC.

External changes

  • iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro are the same size, but the older model weighs more due to the additional camera and steel frame
  • Reporters noted that the aluminum frame is more practical, since it does not collect fingerprints, but the regular iPhone 12 has a glossy back, and the Pro has a matte finish. Potential buyers should most likely focus on the latter
  • New iPhones do not support 120Hz screens. For journalists, this is strange, but probably the function was abandoned in favor of 5G. However, towers of fifth-generation networks are not everywhere.
IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews - Optional Update
  • Thanks to the lack of headphones and a power cable, the boxes are thinner – that’s where the pros end. Apple is targeting MacBook and iPad Pro owners who already have USB-C adapters, while the rest will have to buy everything separately.
  • IPhone 12 and 12 Pro use Apple’s new display resolution, so developers will have to update their apps


  • The magnetic back of the new iPhones has become one of the main features of the devices. The smartphone can be put on a special station without looking – it will automatically stand up as needed
  • Many journalists agree that this charging method will become the main one in the future. Then Apple will ditch connectors in favor of wireless accessories.
  • The MagSafe magnet is strong enough, but the smartphone flies when shaken
IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews - Optional Update
  • MagSafe only supports two levels of magnets. For example, case + charger or case + wallet. The cases also have a magnetic ring that serves as a kind of conductor between the phone and the charger.
  • When connected to MagSafe, smartphone will automatically recognize charging via NFC
  • MagSafe charges, including Android smartphones, while devices magnetically anywhere in the case

Working time and 5G

  • 5G Ultra Wideband on iPhone 12 can deliver up to 1.5-2 Gb / s
  • Journalists advise against taking new iPhones for the sake of 5G – in the US the UWB zones are too small, and in other countries such a standard has not even appeared yet.
  • The battery life of the iPhone 12 can be compared to the 11th generation, but it is rather difficult to compare it due to 5G. According to Apple, new items with Wi-Fi connection will definitely last until the evening
IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews - Optional Update
  • Journalists do not recommend buying smartphones “blindly”. The thing is that the colors are slightly different from those presented on the Apple website


  • iPhone 12 can now shoot video in 4K HDR and Dolby Vision. According to journalists, it’s more interesting than just 8K
  • The main camera of the younger and older models, thanks to the enlarged sensor, shoots a little better in the dark (photo and video), but journalists do not consider this a good reason to change the smartphone
  • “Night mode” on the ultra wide-angle camera and the front works without surprises – just fine
  • The LiDAR scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro captures much better portraits in low light. LiDAR also significantly improves the quality of edge detection in portrait mode.
IPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Pro Reviews - Optional Update
  • The cameras on the new iPhones are somehow better and somehow worse than their competitors. At the same time, in terms of video recording, smartphones are still in the lead
  • Upgrading to 12 and 12 Pro this year is completely optional, only if the user does not have an old smartphone that requires replacement
  • Photo fans should wait for the iPhone 12 Pro Max with a unique camera system

Pre-orders are already open in Russia, the devices will go on sale on October 23rd. The cost of the iPhone 12 (64 GB) is 80 thousand rubles, 12 Pro (128 GB) – 100 thousand rubles. The compact 12 mini and 12 Pro Max will have to wait until November.

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