How did this stream from Among Us become one of the most watched streams in Twitch history?

How did this stream from Among Us become one of the most watched streams in Twitch history
The American politician decided to play Among Us.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez surprised everyone with her willingness to play in Among Us.

“AOC” wrote on her Twitter that she was looking for people willing to play together. The desire was expressed, among others, by Pokimane, the most popular streamer on Twitch. Effect? Nearly 430,000 viewers at one time.

AOC Among Us

Streamer Among Us has topped the LEC, NASA and the Overwatch League

At one point, the stream was watched by 426,000 people. This means that when updated, it should be the 17th place in terms of record viewership.

Among us score twitch

In total, the stream and VOD were watched over 4 million times. This is a really good result for the first-ever stream on the channel.

The only question is whether it is worth mixing politics with games. You can already see that the American media is subscribing to it for voting, although in fact Among Us it is about voting for who is to be impostor.

Regardless of everything, however, it can be seen that Among it arouses great emotions in the “ordinary” players as well as in politicians, footballers, and various activists. This is definitely something unique to Among.

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