Halloween Celebration Started in Red Dead Online

Halloween Celebration Started in Red Dead Online

Rockstar Games announced that Halloween will be celebrating in Red Dead Online before the end of this week , featuring new Legendary Animals, a Halloween Pass and a special Night Terror mode.

Two panthers turned out to be legendary animals: the Night Step and the Spirit of the Swamps. Merchant Gus will pay handsomely for their skins, as well as make unique outfits.

The Halloween Pass will allow players to get their hands on a few cosmetic items such as the Zavala skeletal machete, the Bloody Bison and Dyed Ram masks, studio backdrops, a Gothic bar decor, and a hangman’s armband. You can buy a subscription until November 16.

In the new “Night Terrors” mode, four teams converge in battle with each other and with the dead. Points are awarded for killing the dead and rivals, and more for the latter. 

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