Experience Zen – The Snowy Expanse Expansion Details & Trailer for The Sims 4

Experience Zen - The Snowy Expanse Expansion Details & Trailer for The Sims 4

Maxis and EA have unveiled a full Snow Expansion trailer for The Sims 4 . The DLC will focus on Japan and winter activities.


  • Sims can be gifted a way of life and feelings for a deeper study of the character and attitude of the hero. Lifestyle is influenced by your Sim’s actions and habits and changes their behavior accordingly
  • Moments Sims went through together now evoke feelings and have a lasting impact on their relationships and communication
  • Mountain sports: skiing, snowboarding, sledging, rock climbing
  • Over 130 Japanese-inspired décor items, including doors, windows, partitions, tatami rugs, genkan for storing outdoor shoes, paper lanterns and a rock garden
  • New world – Komorebi. It is inspired by Japanese cities, where you can relax in a natural hot spring and forget about your worries, enjoy hot kotatsu and chat with other Sims as you walk through bamboo groves and snowy plains. Thoughtful walks and soothing music will help Sims understand their emotions and experience inner Zen

The Snowy Expanse expansion for The Sims 4 will be available November 13 on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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