Changed Start and Xbox Game Pass for PC – Windows 10 October Update Released

Changed Start and Xbox Game Pass for PC - Windows 10 October Update Released

Microsoft has released the October Update for Windows 10. It fixes some bugs, improves the look of the system and adds several new features.

  • All panels in the Start menu have the same background, the design of the standard icons has changed slightly, the accent color setting is available in the personalization section
  • The functionality of the Edge browser has been expanded – it is now possible to compare prices of various goods and switch between tabs using Alt + Tab
  • You can change the refresh rate of the monitor in the advanced display settings
  • The taskbar has become more concise
  • New logos in the notifications section make it easier to understand who they are from, in general, working with them should be a little easier
  • 2-in-1 devices now naturally switch between standard and tablet views, without having to switch via notification
  • Biometric login made more secure on Pro and Educational Win 10
  • Simplified device management for Pro and Education, which now includes local users and group policies, giving more control to administrators
  • New Application Protection Uses Data Isolation Technique

Officially, the update has already been released and is available for download via Windows Update 10. If the update is not displayed through the system tools, then it can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.

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