Why did someone create a bogus CSGO? Fake players, sponsors, tournaments, death

Why did someone create a bogus CSGO Fake players, sponsors, tournaments, death
In the world of CS: GO, quite strange and funny situations sometimes happen. This definitely can be added to it.

CS: GO players tracked down a strange organization called “NOREG”, which at first glance was a thriving esports team. On their banners, in press releases, they informed about big sponsors, brilliant players or their results.

The community realized pretty quickly that something was wrong here, despite the fact that the Twitter account was run just like most teams do.

What’s all this for?

An organization called “NOREG” is formed on Twitter, publishing its messages, informing about matches, sponsors, players, plans – exactly what you can expect from an esports team.

The community starts to mismatch when news of matches for HLTV’s TOP 30 teams comes out. People start asking questions and finding contradictions. In the end, it turns out that the people NOREG refers to either do not exist or do not know what it is about.

A copy of all the organization’s entries is made, including information about the death of one of the players’ dad.


After all, one person collects everything into one bag and shows what it was like. There are screenshots, there is more or less an outline of the situation and the only mystery is the motive behind the organization.

It is very possible that there were some grounds for cheating sponsors. There is probably no other option. It is unknown whether the players even existed, whether the organization had structures, some kind of plan, or anything else besides Twitter and Twitch.


The big finale was the removal of the account and everything related to NOREG after the publication of the overshoot.

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