What character color in Among Us is the most suspect at the start of the game?

What character color in Among Us is the most suspect at the start of the game
There are 12 colors in Among Us and each one is perceived differently by the community.

Among Us is one of the most popular games recently, but due to the fact that the game has only recently been known, the community doesn’t know everything about it yet. This includes the perception of individual colors in the game.

In the PC version, all colors, outfits and hats are completely free. In Among Us we can find 12 character colors. The list is as follows:

  • Red
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Orange
  • Black
  • White
  • Purple
  • Cyanic
  • Brown
  • Lime
  • Fortegreen (named after ForteBass developer)
  • Tan (removed from the game due to being too similar to brown and orange)

Do colors matter?

Interestingly, developers use colors for different things. The players even managed to pick up a certain pattern in which, for example, one character is responsible for the announcements in the Among Us case, and others are directly associated with impostors.

Do the colors matter more? Probably not, and the following player observations are just an additional curiosity.


Red is very often seen as an impostor on promotional posters, as well as at the beginning of every game. Very often, without specific evidence, players in this color of skin are considered cheaters and eliminated from the game.


One of the main colors in Among Us, blue, appears very rarely in the official production graphics. So far, we have only seen it in two promotional photos from an official source.


One of the original Among Us colors, green, is used as an icon in case of an emergency meeting or a dead body report. So far, green has only been used as a cheat in official posters once.


Yellow represents players on the admin map. Once upon a time, a character of this color was seen on a promotional poster stroking a mini crew member and a robot.


Orange is only used as part of the “Talk” icon. at the beginning of the emergency meeting.


Black is on the tamper button icon. It is also used on the ID card for the Swipe Card job as well as the instruction card. This hue is often used to identify a cheat on the Among Us page on Steam.


When used on the cheat vent button, it also represents the online game tab icon. White is also used on the in-game classifieds page, where it can be seen holding a megaphone to mark the announcements.


Used in the 3 promotional photos so far, purple is one of the most important colors in Among Us and is often found in posters.


Known as “light blue”. Cyan was added to Among Us in 2019. It is often theorized that a character of this color is a child of Orange and Green because both were introduced into the game before him and also because Cyan is much smaller than the rest of the characters.

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