The GTA 6 map that was recently leaked was, according to players, announced in GTA 5

The GTA 6 map that was recently leaked was, according to players, announced in GTA 5
“The subject of the latest” leak “seemed to have cleared up everything by now. Meanwhile, the players found something that sparked the imagination again.

Let us remind you that some time ago a potential leak of a map fragment that would go to GTA 6 hit the network. Since then, a lot of people have commented on the topic, pointing to the details proving that it is a fake as well as those who convinced about the authenticity of the artwork.

What was established? In short, it can be a cluster of different locations that were used to take satellite photos. He is unable to deny or confirm the leak, so the players themselves went to work.

GTA 6 map

The map was already announced in GTA 5?

A leak on the map suggests Rockstar will be looking to return to Miami. It turns out that in GTA 5 there may be a clue that somehow confirms the authenticity of the leak. In one of the nightclubs you can find a postcard from “Paradise Isle”. It shows three islands that may be associated with the recent spill.

Map gta 5

Of course, this cannot in any way be taken as a confirmation or denial of a leak, but it is undoubtedly another piece of the puzzle.

GTA5 news map

A lot of people have spoken about the above map, even developers of other games. Someone, however, had to work hard, since after a dozen or so days, the news continues and new facts are discovered.

It is known that some of the evidence on the web may be false, while others are incredibly far-fetched. The version with the postcard seems to be the best starting point, at least for the moment.

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