Strange or not, Among Us also breaks activity record on adult video sites

Strange or not, Among Us also breaks activity record on adult video sites
The game registers an average of 115,000 searches per day on these portals.

Among Us is one of the most mediatic games of recent years in video games. After two years available, content creators on pages like Twitch have boosted the popularity of the title, which has swept more than 100 million downloads or more than 4.5 billion videos viewed about the game on YouTube. As if this seems not enough, the game of InnerSloth has also triumphed in the most unexpected places.

The adult videos page PornHub has published a statistic with recent searches on its website about Among Us. The results are truly amazing. The game has an average of 115,000 searches per day on this website and, on September 16, a peak of nearly 700,000 searches was reached for risque content related to this proposal, whose success has transcended the world of video games.

It is common for some video games to sneak into this type of portals, with somewhat specific content. Characters from games like Overwatch or Fortnite often star in racy videos on these pages. Now, we know that Among Us is also among the most wanted in this regard. Although, taking into account its theme, it is more difficult to find the reasons , since the protagonists are strange beings of colors and there is not even a story behind that justifies it.

In any case, this is another evidence that Among Us continues to sweep the world of video games, and has transcended the medium of audiovisual content in various ways, being the most watched on Twitch, YouTube and on adult video websites. 60 million daily players go a long way.

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