Midas’ revenge is this year’s Fortnite Halloween theme. The mishap reveals an update

Midas' revenge is this year's Fortnite Halloween theme. The mishap reveals an update
Epic updated the Russian version of Fortnite too early, revealing the main Halloween theme.

People searching the game files report that Epic has had a small slip-up. Of course, hardly anyone believes that this is a mishap, because leaks of this type usually make a lot of noise.

In any case, it has been discovered that this year’s Spell Nightmares event may have a close relationship with Midas and his undead form. Moreover, update 14.40 should be released tomorrow.

What’s new is known?

The following graphic was accidentally named not what it should be called. The main text is “Fortnite Nightmares Czar” and the caption is “Midas’ Revenge”.

fortnite What's new is known

It is worth mentioning that earlier leaks spoke of the return of Midas as a zombie. This seems to just confirm. Such a slip-up may also suggest that update 14.40 will not come in a week, but tomorrow.

Could this be considered a Halloween preview? Yes and no. It is doubtful that the event will start tomorrow, but this patch should contain all the cosmetics and changes we will see at the Spell Nightmares.

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