How do I unlock a free Valorant tag with Riot and Prime?

How do I unlock a free Valorant tag with Riot and Prime
Free Valorant Weapon Charm from Prime Gaming.

Riot has a long history of working with the Prime service, where players get a variety of items for both League of Legends and Valoranta. Many people hoped that the prizes would be more interesting than the pendants, but so far it does not seem to be.

In addition to them, the first information about the player’s icon has already appeared. It will be possible to unlock it only after some time.

How do I claim my free content?

The Beta of the FPS game from Riot Games was conducted in cooperation with Twitch. Let us remind you that it was on this platform that the “keys” to access the early version of the game for viewers were distributed.

At that time, the Valorant category was extremely popular, and the game enjoyed over a million viewers. Now, in cooperation with Prime Gaming, players have to show, get the “Pay Respects” weapon charm.

How do I unlock a free Valorant tag with Riot and Prime

Modeled on the popular meme and phrase from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare “Press F to Pay Respects”, the key can be obtained in a very simple way:

  • We’re linking the Riot Games account to the account
  • We go to the Amaeone website in the tab related to Valorant
  • We register or log in on the website
  • Prime Gaming is $ 13 per month
  • Click the “Receive now” button above the tag.

Is it interesting? Rather average. Pendants do not impress anyone much, and they are definitely not something that speaks in favor of Prime Gaming.

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