Epic has planned its own slip-up and is giving away a free style to one skin for Halloween

Epic has planned its own slip-up and is giving away a free style to one skin for Halloween
Leakers have already got to the full information and description of the upcoming Halloween promotion.

Halloween in Fortnite is likely to begin in late October. Today we know that there will also be a concert in the game on October 31st. So far it is not known who will play it, but we have already announced the first prize for participation.

The free style is to go to everyone who bought a new skin called “Dancefloor Soldier”. You don’t know him? No wonder, it’s not even in the game yet.

Free style, but only for this skin

As we read on leakerów accounts, the new skin will appear earlier in some countries. It’s strange that Epic has already planned its own setback.

He showed up at an event in several countries earlier than we anticipated. “Dancefloor Soldier” owners who take part in the nightmare party on October 31 will receive a special J Balvin (Party Trooper) skin

Free style, but only for this skin fortnite

So it turns out that you will need to buy a skin first and then take part in the Halloween party scheduled for October 31. The appearance of the skin and style is one big mystery so far.

Presumably, there will be another big update with new cosmetic items before Halloween. The described skin is either not in the files or it is additionally encoded.

Fortnite skins Halloween

By the way, it’s worth solving the puzzle with the skin above. This is the work of “easkateconcepts” as part of the “Fortober” initiative. Various artists came together to create the best concepts for skins and items that could be introduced into the game. This is not the work of Epic Games, although it may look like it.

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