Dino Crisis Remake Fan Concepts

While fans are waiting for the official part of Dino Crisis, or at least a remake, the players themselves create content based on their favorite series. Swedish artist Aleksndr Forssberg has published a series of concepts labeled Dino Crisis Remake.

The author adhered to the idea of ​​a gloomy atmosphere.

At the moment, nothing is known about the development of the Capcom series. Back in the summer, players had hoped that the company would present an official remake after the success of Resident Evil 2, but nothing like that happened.

On the contrary, it became known that five years ago, Capcom Vancouver offered the Japanese corporation to restart the series, but it was canceled at the presentation stage. The studio itself was closed in 2018 when valuable staff began to leave it.

According to rumors , Capcom tried to create a new game in the Dino Crisis universe a few years ago , but it was closed. While the franchise is in oblivion. Now a group of fans are working on their remake of the game.

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