Among Us there are sweats. Who is it and what is it like to play like a sweat?

Among Us there are sweats. Who is it and what is it like to play like a sweat
Among Us is a production designed primarily for fun. Sooner or later, players had to start treating InnerSloth as a competition.

The concept of “sweaty” gained great popularity mainly due to Fortnite. This was the description of people who want to win at all costs, resorting to using bugs, glitching, or learning only to build for a few hours a day.

So, a sweat is someone who really cares about winning and is able to do anything to achieve their goal.

What do the sweats look like in Among Us?

This is called “metagaming”. It is a way of playing characterized by:

  • Taking extensive notes
  • Following their suspect all round, informing the team that he will now be a pair for person “X” and if he dies, they have clear information if the player was a cheat
  • For streamers, looking at chat
  • Communicating outside the game on an external messenger

There are many ways to win in this way and more and more people pay attention to it. Even before the games, there are even rules outside Among Us, such as no notes, no contact etc.

As always in such situations, there are two sides to the conflict. Some who are even convinced that Among Us is a perfect match for esports or competitive gaming. Others knock their heads and mention that it is supposed to be fun and a form of having a good time with friends.

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