Which Fortnite Location has the most crates? Where is it worth flying?

Which Fortnite Location has the most crates Where is it worth flying
The players decided to check where the most crates are currently located.

Boxes are an extremely important element of Forntite. Often it is he who decides where players choose to go. Therefore, the map prepared by a Reddit user named “Comet528” seems to be an invaluable help.

The differences are really big, especially between the left and right side of the map. Of course, everyone already has their favorite locations and is unlikely to change them for the sake of the boxes, but it’s always a hint.

Where are the most boxes?

Most of the boxes can be found in three places. They reign supreme:

  • Weeping Woods – 36 chests
  • Doom’s Domain – 36 chests
  • Coral Castle – 35 chests

Then it all starts to blur, 34 boxes in the docks, 31 boxes on Lazy Lake, etc.

Fortnite Where are the most boxes

It is very possible that this inventory will be up to date for a long time. The new spot is supposed to appear around Halloween, but it is unlikely to exceed the number of 36 boxes. As a reminder, at this point, players only have the sounds that will appear in the new location.

So far, there is no more information about the map changing significantly.

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