The world is experiencing a date leak with the release of Overwatch 2, which has been known for several months

date leak with the release of Overwatch 2
How did one message on Twitter become information that the whole world writes about?

Overwatch leaks are perfectly normal. Let us remind you that the entire OW 2 leaked before the official announcement. One of the most popular leakers in the Overwatch world is Metro.

It was he who in 2018 gave the name of Ashe minutes before its disclosure. Since then, he has been credited as the source of all information about Overwatch and Blizzard.

Overwatch 2 release date

Metro mentioned on his Twitter that the next season of the Overwatch League will be postponed due to the premiere of Overwatch 2. This rumor is, however, a few months old, and was created simply for the sake of logical thinking.

If Blizzard wants to launch the Overwatch 2 beta around BlizzCon (renamed to BlizzOnline), or release the second installment sometime in February, the teams from the top OW league would not have enough time to prepare for the competition.

It’s hard to say why this information was blown up so much are generally known facts that are by no means groundbreaking. It has been said for many months that Blizzard will show the second installment on BlizzOnline and it is likely that 6 servers will be launched immediately, but it’s also just an unconfirmed rumor.

Although the metro certainly has its sources, it has already been wrong. From his information, you could read, for example, that players will not be able to transfer progress from the first to the second part of the game.

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