Rockstar’s co-founder tells players what stage the GTA movie is at

Rockstar's co-founder tells players what stage the GTA movie is at
The community wonders if there will be a GTA movie. At one point, this perspective seemed quite possible.

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most valuable intellectual assets in the entertainment industry. Proof of this may be, for example, the fact that the community is constantly creating various rumors about it and making hype around Rockstar‘s gangster series.

Recently, a lot has been said that developers are to produce a movie based on GTA 5. Unfortunately, the latest information on this topic does not inspire optimism. Why?

Why are we unlikely to see a movie based on GTA V?

Rockstar Games tried their hand at film production, and Take-Two Interactive established a store with Rockstar Films and produced titles such as The Football Factory. However, both Take-Two and Rockstar were loudly against making the movie based on video games.

The main reason for this is that it simply doesn’t make sense to translate one medium to another, as this usually results in an average product:

Virtually all videos made from games are terrible, while many games made from movies are also quite poor. Someday that will change, but with an increasingly demanding audience, the goals of moving something from movie to game or from game to movie must be more than just finance, said Dan Houser, Rockstar co-founder and former vice president.

His concerns were also reflected by Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Rockstar’s parent company Take-Two Interactive. He was quoted saying that there were no plans for a GTA movie at Rockstar and it is unlikely to happen.

The perspective of a GTA-inspired movie is slim at best, and the studio is not interested in undermining the intellectual property value by releasing an average product.

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