Is Fall Guys too easy for you Its creators want to make your life more complicated

Is Fall Guys too easy for you Its creators want to make your life more complicated
Mediatonic has shown on Twitter a variation of the ‘Perfect Couples’ test to make it more difficult.

One of the big hits of the summer and of the year has been Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout . Mediatonic’s “party royale” was on everyone’s lips at its launch and racked up a large number of players . The title is currently immersed in its second season and many users ask for new screens or variations of the existing ones to maintain interest in the game.

Mediatonic knows that updating the title is key so that players do not leave and has recently anticipated one of the changes that the game could introduce soon in the mid-season update. According to the study in a tweet, gamers have complained that the “Perfect Matches” test is too easy , so developers are working on how to make it more complicated.

In this test, which you will surely know if you have played, we have to look at the fruit that appears on the screens and try to be on the platform that has the same that appears in the images, since the rest will disappear at a given moment and we we will fall. Mediatonic has decided to put up a mobile barrier that clears the ground, making it more difficult for us to be there without falling.

Of course, as soon as this advance was published, a Twitter user asked if the player can stand in the center of the mobile barrier, dodging its arms, to which Mediatonic has also responded with humor. In addition to the maps, another feature that Fall Guys players like are the skins and recently that of Sonic, our beloved blue hedgehog, has arrived in the game.

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