Flare by leaks will return to Fortnite with one big buff

Flare by leaks will return to Fortnite with one big buff
According to the latest information from people involved in searching for Fortnite files, Flare will return to the game soon.

Epic throughout Fortnite history has added a lot of different items that have had better or worse uses. Among them, there was a flare that allows you to mark enemies or set fire to trees and structures.

The developers decided that it wasn’t an incredibly useful thing and the flare disappeared with Season 4 of Chapter 2. Now, unofficially, it is to return.

The Enhanced Flare is set to return to Fortnite

Flare, according to leakers, will return to Fortnite, but with some reinforcement. According to “Mang0e_”, the item will now mark enemy positions for 15 seconds

Is that enough to make a flare useful? Hard to say. It was nothing special and it probably won’t be. It is also possible that this is a return for a special game mode, not regular Battle Royale.

When to expect new, old weapons? Anytime, really. In the past, we probably would have written that tomorrow as part of a content update, but Epic has not been releasing them for a while.

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